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7th August 2018

DVLA asks drivers to check their eyesight

The DVLA is calling on drivers to take a simple number plate test to check they meet the minimum legal eyesight standards at all times when […]
3rd August 2018

Bleak Road Haulage Future If No Brexit Deal

ON TUESDAY 24 July MPs in the House of Commons were heard to comment ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, but for the members […]
3rd August 2018

New high capacity hybrid bus hits London roads

The BCI Enterprise 2HD, powered by Vantage Power tech and delivered to Go-Ahead London by Ensignbus, can carry up to 130 passengers A new high-capacity hybrid […]
2nd August 2018

Drug amnesties on the cards

Workplace drink and drugs amnesties are likely to become routine because of the UK’s substance abuse culture, according to Eurofins Workplace Drug Testing. An increasing number […]