28th December 2018

Criminal convictions: staying on the right side of the law

When considering O-licence applications there are various issues that traffic commissioners (TC) take into account. TCs are tasked with acting in accordance with their overriding mission […]
28th December 2018

Truck maintenance: maintain concentration

Having the soundest maintenance regime is key to safe and efficient fleet operation. But how can an operator best manage maintenance contractors to ensure the correct […]
27th December 2018

Risk assessments: playing it safe

A recent civil insurance case has demonstrated the importance of safe systems of work and delivery planning for hauliers. Clearly, such systems are critically important for […]
10th December 2018

Hauliers face increase as new financial standing levels are confirmed

The office of the traffic commissioner (TC) has confirmed the new financial standing levels for hauliers that will take effect for from the beginning of 2019. […]