10 O-licence applications and decisions that got our attention this week – 29 September 2017

Thompson Waste fined after contributing to illegal waste dumping
1st October 2017
London drivers face new costs as T-Charge goes live
23rd October 2017

Paragon Automotive Logistics would like three vehicles and three trailers at Henstridge Airfield, Henstridge, Somerset.

Simon Gibson Transport has had his O-licence in Scotland upgraded to standard international.

Bibby Supply Chain Services would like an increase in authorisation to 45 vehicles and 80 trailers in The Ridgeway, Blunham, Bedford.

A W Jenkinson Transport has been given the green light for 25 vehicles and 25 trailers in Central Avenue, Hallen, Bristol. It has had its authorisation reduced to 70 vehicles and 70 trailers in Draycot Cerne, Chippenham; and five vehicles and five trailers in Bolbridge Brake, Long Newnton, Tetbury, Somerset.

Cemex UK can operate 10 vehicles and five trailers from King Street, West Deeping, Peterborough.

FedEx UK has had an application for six vehicles and six trailers in Pincey Road, London Stanstead Airport, refused.

Mark Thompson Transport would like 25 vehicles and 15 trailers in Thornton Road, Bradford.

Stagefreight has had its authorisation in Evanston Avenue, Leeds increased to 27 vehicles and 64 trailers.

Saint Gobain Building Distribution may operate three vehicles from a new depot in Lordswood Industrial Estate, Revenge Road, Chatham.

Eddie Stobart can base 10 vehicles and 15 trailers at Argos’ site at The Hub, Birmingham.

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