Bleak Road Haulage Future If No Brexit Deal

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3rd August 2018
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7th August 2018
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Bleak Road Haulage Future If No Brexit Deal

ON TUESDAY 24 July MPs in the House of Commons were heard to comment ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, but for the members of the Road Haulage Association who, between them operate nearly 50% of the UK’s 496,000 lorry fleet the prospect of a future without a Brexit deal looks extremely bleak.

A no-deal Brexit will create massive problems for international hauliers, whether UK or mainland Europe based. It is time for a reality check, says the RHA.

Since the prospect of leaving the EU became a reality in June 2016, the association has been campaigning tirelessly to get the best deal for its members. It is essential for the people and businesses of mainland Europe and Great Britain that the current system of frictionless borders continues.

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