DVSA releases update on securing loads

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23rd October 2017
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The DVSA has updated its guidance to operators on securing loads in its latest publication.

The most significant changes to “Load Securing: vehicle operator guidance” are concerned with highlighting the need to secure goods to any pallet they might be on, mostly when loading light loads.

The guidance say: “Palletised loads must be stable and freestanding prior to any load securing being applied. If goods are not securely shrink-wrapped or banded to the pallet they are transported on, they slide or topple off the pallet in transit or during unloading.

“Therefore, the person responsible for loading a pallet should ensure that the unit load remains in a secure and stable condition at all times.”

Operators may also notice that some sections of the old guidance on load security have been dropped. One is the tables that were in the guide that described vehicles facing forward and rearward.

A spokesman said: “This has no effect on the security of the load and was removed as it was considered to be misleading.”

In the introduction to the guide the former senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell remarks: “The operation of all commercial vehicles carries some element of risk and operator licensing is designed to reduce this as much as possible.

“Taking steps to address the risks associated with load securing is a critical component of your responsibilities, whether as a licence holder, transport manager or driver.”

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