Frequently asked questions


Contact us this process can be completed for you You can now concentrate on more important matters setting up your new venture.

1. Operating Centre: Find an operating centre (which is parking for your vehicles when not in use)

2. Maintenance: Find a maintenance provider (see requirements) and sign a contract with the contractor. You can have multiple providers aslong as they are in contract with your business and are listed as maintenance providers on your Operator Licence self service

3. Financial Requirements: Get your original bank statements for the last 3 months (see requirements).

4. Advertisements: Publish a public notice in a local newspaper

5. The Application: Apply online for a vehicle operator licence Use this service to apply for: A heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operator’s licence or A public service vehicle (PSV) operator’s licence and an interim operator licence You can also pay any application or Licence fee (cheque, credit card, etc) . You will usually get a decision within 7 weeks if you apply online, but it can take longer.