International hauliers urged to apply for ECMT permits as a no-deal Brexit contingency

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The government is advising international hauliers to be prepared for a possible no-deal exit from the EU by obtaining new travel permits.

Government advice suggests that if there is no deal it is possible that UK hauliers will need an ECMT (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) permit in order to travel in Europe.

To get such a permit in time, hauliers will have to make an application between 26 November and 21 December.

The process of making that application means that hauliers must be registered on the Vehicle Operator Licensing System by 12 November, just a few days away.

At the moment the UK issues community licences to cover international journeys. These licences are recognised by the EU, but the fear is that if there is no deal that recognition might be withdrawn and an ECMT permit required.

The government has issued a factsheet about the process EU driving after Brexit.

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