Operating Centre

How to find a suitable operating centre.

The operating centre is the term used in the regulations to describe the location of where the vehicle or vehicles are parked when not in use. The Traffic Commissioner will need to be satisfied that your operating centre(s) are suitable – for example, that they will be big enough, with safe access, and in an environmentally acceptable location. If you do not own the operating centre you may be asked to provide evidence that you are entitled to use it.

The best way to find an operating centre is through the Traffic Commissioner’s Operator Search website here. Search for transport companies by “Town name(s)” in which you’d like to base your company (pick a town that has a good number of industrial estates). Then, look up the addresses of their operating centres. Contact them or the yard owners and ask if you can use their yard as your operating centre.

Other websites where you can search for or post a wanted ad for an operating centre